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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 15, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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that's our report. >> thanks for joining us. welcome to "world news tonight." direct hit. the monster hurricane making landfall. millions of americans tonight bracing for flooding, whipping winds. and the tourists trapped. also tonight, the wildfires. families racing from their homes. we're on the front lines. the famous nfl star fighting back tonight. accused of whipping his son with a stick, a switch. tonight, in his own words, how he explains it. and the decision coming in from his team. breaking now. the manhunt under way at this hour. a cop killer, armed and dangerous. a short time ago, investigators saying he is a coward. we will find you. and caught on tape tonight. they show up at your front door, posing as maids. people who can help you with the house. and this is what they do once inside. you'll see the video tonight. and the new warning right here.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin this evening with that huge hurricane smashing ashore. you can see it over my shoulder here. and tonight, millions of americans on alert as this storm now barrels across this country. spawning monster waves, it was a direct hit on that popular resort town, cabo. on the mexican peninsula. a category 3. americans trapped there. so ferocious, it flipped this van. boats capsized, as well. while inside, so many tourists huddled in stairwells. one man, right there on the lower left, holding his head in his hands. tonight here, the new concern is right here in the u.s. the southwest now bracing for gusting winds and flooding. it is coming and abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano leading us off. >> reporter: hurricane odile barrelled into cabo san lucas with winds up to 125 miles per hour. life-threatening wind and rain. many american tourists were
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stranded. mandy meyer and her husband rode out the storm last night in their los cabos hotel. >> car completely flipped over. on its side. cars look like they were probably bumper cars during the worst of the storm. you can see behind me -- >> reporter: today, she showed us the destruction left in odile's wake. >> yesterday, this was full of people watching nfl games before the storm hit. >> reporter: even the tops of palm trees were shredded. >> really just stripped of all their leaves. >> here's some of the damage. >> reporter: rick rash is on his honeymoon. he and his wife spent the night with hundreds of other guests in a shelter at the resort. >> it wasn't the greatest way to spend our last night of our honeymoon. the storms were intense outside. you could hear the wind roaring. you could hear stuff knocking into the doors. >> reporter: odile is the strongest hurricane on record to hit baja california. its force evident everywhere. especially outside the fortified resorts. emergency shelters were set up to hold up to 30,000 people.
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residents returning to their homes in cabo san lucas found little left. "when we arrived, everything was destroyed," this woman said. power lines and poles litter the streets. roofs torn off houses. many homes completely flattened. and though the storm has quickly moved north, cleanup and rebuilding the baja will take a long, long time. >> just incredible destruction and rob, where is this thing headed tonight? >> reporter: well, for the second time in two weeks, another hurricane, or the leftovers of it, headed to arizona and new mexico. here's a look at the track. it's about midway up the baja of california right now. it will continue to weaken as we go through the overnight hours, but the moisture will get to arizona, flash flood watches have been posted for arizona and new mexico, even california. at least the eastern parts of it tonight. two to four inches of rainfall possible. will we get enough to help the fires in california? probably not. the heat's going to continue to bake that area tomorrow. 95 degrees, the expected high temperature. we'll see the heat continue for at least the next couple of days. gusty winds, as well. this rain from this hurricane likely not going to help the
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fire situation there and the heat certainly not helping, either. >> that is not fortunate to hear. rob, thank you for leading us off. which brings us to our next breaking story this evening. we've just learned that 16 firefighters tonight deploying their emergency tents, those shelters to save themselves in northern california, where red flag warnings are in effect at this hour. two massive fires burning right now and just look. you can make out what's left of this house within those flames. and then this tonight. one viewer, cameras rolling as the flames rage across this lake. tonight, more than 1,000 families forced from their homes and abc's aditi roy is right there on the front lines. >> reporter: sizzling flames tear through hundreds of acres in oakhurst, california, scorching 33 homes, forcing more than 1,000 to flee. waterbombs drop from the air, but it's too late for greg aiello's childhood home. you lived here as a 6-year-old boy. what's it like looking at this? >> it's sort of surreal, you know? >> reporter: the home, barely recognizable. >> this is the living room here.
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that's where i used to bathe as a young man. and that was my bedroom right there. >> although it wasn't a very big fire, it did cause a lot of damage. >> reporter: in this neighborhood, mere traces of homes preserved, a staircase here, an oven there. to the north, another blaze. the king fire has uprooted more than 100 from their homes. and 16 firefighters there had to deploy their emergency shelters to protect themselves from the flames. and david, as you walk around this neighborhood, you'll notice how fickle mother nature can be. that home, completely untouched by the fire, while the one right next door to it, totally destroyed. this chimney about the only thing left standing. the home, burned to ashes. david? >> just unbelievable. aditi roy right there on the front lines, thank you. we turn now to breaking news from the nfl tonight. a football star under scrutiny this evening, now defending himself. adrian peterson accused of using a tree branch to discipline his son. he's now breaking his silence, offering an explanation.
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and his team now saying he can play. abc's ryan smith with what the player said, the dad defending himself, and the reaction already coming in. >> reporter: tonight, the minnesota vikings welcoming back their embattled star adrian peterson, just three days after he was arrested on child abuse charges. announcing he will now play in sunday's game. >> based on the extensive information that we have right now, and what we know about adrian not only as a person, but what he has also done for this community, we believe he deserves to play while the legal process plays out. >> reporter: peterson, seen here in this smiling mug shot, is charged with hitting his 4-year-old son with a tree branch, causing welts and bruises. today, he says, "no one can understand the hurt that i feel for my son and for the harm i caused him. i am not a perfect parent, but i am, without a doubt, not a child abuser." peterson, one of the nfl's biggest stars, earning over $11 million a year.
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so popular, he was featured on a wheaties box. >> if the vikings want to let the facts play themselves out and give adrian peterson due process, as they put it, that's totally up to them. but if it was me, i wouldn't be doing it. >> reporter: yet another crisis for the nfl. today, ravens star ray rice, seen on tape punching his wife, will appeal his indefinite suspension. commissioner roger goodell, meantime, an invisible man, canceling appearances. today, the nfl appointing three women to serve as senior advisers on domestic violence. one of them, a former top manhattan sex crimes prosecutor. in a memo, roger goodell saying they will help lead and shape the nfl's policies. and the nfl has appointed a new vice president of social responsibility to oversee the effort, also a woman. perhaps a nod to the 93 million women who watch nfl football, david. >> a lot of women watch nfl football. ryan, thank you. tonight, there is a race against time to track down the brutal killers of isis. they revealed this weekend, they killed this man.
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a british father holding his baby there. and they've already signaled who they'll target next. this man, another aid worker there in syria, there to help. we also know there are at least two americans being held by this group and tonight, right here, you're going to see in the tapes what investigators have also noticed. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross studying the tapes, too. >> reporter: isis has already selected its next victim. 47-year-old british aid worker alan henning. and today, current and former officials said it will be very difficult to stop them. >> we have neither the intelligence nor the access to these hostages to be able to rescue them. >> reporter: just as no one could stop the cycle of executions, about once every two weeks, of james foley, steven sotloff and over the weekend, british aid worker david haines. all purportedly beheaded by the same masked man with a british accent, who taunts his victims and their countries. >> this british man has to pay the price. >> david has been murdered in
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the most brutal way imaginable, but an organization which is the embodiment of evil. >> reporter: by its own admission, the u.s. has been late to appreciate the escalating threat from isis. until recently, u.s. intelligence had not closely tracked the movements of its top leaders. nor the americans recruited to fight there, who, it is feared, could return home for jihad. >> do we know isis that well yet? i think the answer is no. >> reporter: u.s. drones and satellites are now overhead, desperately looking for clues, as at least five more western hostages are under the threat of death from isis, including two young americans. but based on the video from this weekend, analysts say isis is working hard to hide its location. gone are the road, rock and plant landmarks from previous videos. all that can be seen in the background now is a stark desert sand dune. the attorney general, eric holder, said today the u.s. can and must do better to stop americans who want to join isis.
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and he announced a series of pilot programs and a white house summit on the urgent issue. so urgent, david, that the summit won't take place until next month. >> our chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. brian, thank you. we move on now to another developing story this hour. word tonight that the man who so many families are counting on, he's the one deciding whether gm has to pay them after those faulty ignition switches turned deadly. well tonight, he is revealing that that toll is now growing. correspondent rebecca jarvis has learned that the number could go far higher. rebecca, what are you learning tonight? >> reporter: david, today i spoke with the man who is making those decisions, kenneth feinberg. and he says he's using a more lenient standard than gm engineers and will award damages if the faulty ignition was the likely factor to cause the injury. so, as a result, what started at 13 deaths linked to the faulty ignition is now 19 tonight. that number will likely rise. and so far, feinberg has received more than 100 claims linking the faulty switch, which
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can suddenly shut down a car and keep air bags from deploying. the families of the victims will receive a take it or leave it offer. $1 million in damages, plus an undisclosed sum. we spoke to many of the families today. some say they will take the offer. others say they plan to sue instead. but david, the bottom line is, there are likely going to be a number more fatalities linked to this ignition problem. >> all right, rebecca jarvis tonight. rebecca, thank you. and now, to that mysterious virus striking american children and just look at the map tonight. growing day by day, now confirmed or suspected cases in 27 states. now in the northeast, as well. dr. richard besser just back from the e.r. he saw many of the children for himself today. >> reporter: the most serious cases end up in the intensive care unit. tell me about the kids in the icu. what kind of problems are they having? >> mostly respiratory -- either respiratory failure, respiratory distress, cough, wheezing,
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congestion. we're having a hard time treating them, as well, with our normal therapies. >> reporter: enterovirus 68 has arrived in the northeast. today at brooklyn's maimonides hospital -- how long are children waiting? >> it can vary between 3 and 20 hours. >> reporter: 20 hours? it starts like any other viral cold, with a runny nose and a cough. but this one can take a turn. wheezing children can't catch a breath. we watched the e.r. at st. louis children's hospital fill. even bringing in a mobile unit to meet demand. having trouble breathing? >> yes. it started at 6:00 this morning. >> reporter: children with asthma, particularly at risk. >> give me a big, deep breath? >> reporter: doctors don't know how many of their patients have enterovirus 68, but they know that parents are getting the message. if a child is having trouble breathing, see a doctor right away. the good news is, for most children, this virus behaves like a normal cold. just know those danger signs and get treatment if you see them. >> and the great news so far, all of the children have survived this. all right, rich, thank you. tonight, an all-out manhunt is now under way after state troopers in pennsylvania were ambushed. a young father, shot and killed
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and late today, authorities calling the killer a coward and saying, they'll get him. abc's linsey davis tonight. >> reporter: day four of a massive manhunt now spanning three states for a cop killer. >> under fire! >> reporter: one state trooper fatally shot in the violent ambush and another critically injured. the police speaking directly tonight to the culprit or culprits. >> you are a coward. you committed this spineless act and you did it from a place of hiding and then ran. >> reporter: it was a brazen attack during a shift change late friday night right in front of the barracks while other troopers were inside. 38-year-old corporal brian dickson, the husband and father of two young boys, died at the scene. 31-year-old trooper alex douglas, still in the hospital, but now conscious and talking. new developments in the case suggest the person responsible is an avid hunter or has firearm
5:44 pm
training, specifically with a rifle. >> the reward has now been raised up to $75,000. >> reporter: police are calling this attack calculated, aimed specifically at law enforcement. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> linsey, thank you. and to washington now. president obama bestowing the medal of honor today on two american heroes from the vietnam war. sergeant major benny adkins, who led his men through four days of battle, killing up to 175 enemy fighters, even fending off a tiger in the jungles of vietnam. and army specialist donald slope. his brother there receiving the award in his honor. just 20 when he threw his body on a grenade so his band of brothers might live. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. and you've got to see this. caught on tape. the thieves posing as maids. trying to get into your home. and this is what their team does once they get inside. robbing you. the video, right here, and the new warning tonight. the incredible close call for golfing great greg norman. the before and the after tonight. and this evening, right here, we learn his first words to his wife afterward.
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next tonight, the new alert about a crime on the rise. caught on tape, women accused of pretending to be maids and then calling in their team to rob your home. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: they pose as maids, knocking on doors to offer their services. but tonight, they're accused of cleaning people out by robbing them. stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of property in the last two weeks. as part of a burglary ring now hitting some of the wealthiest communities in los angeles. >> if we can identify who these people are, they could be directly linked to other crimes. >> reporter: officials say if no one answers the door, the women then call their male accomplices, who break in, in
5:48 pm
broad daylight, taking cash, electronics and passports, police say. even reportedly ripping a safe from the wall. posing as service providers is not an uncommon tactic. watch this man, pretending to be delivering flowers last month in california. he manages to get in and in just ten minutes, robs the residence at gunpoint before leaving them bound in zip ties. after the police released this video, he was arrested. and in 2012, a miami woman's valu valuenen tine's day was ruined, after a fake flower delivery man robbed her. now, police hope this surveillance video will lead them to these phony cleaners they say, doing some very dirty work. so, how can you protect yourself? well, experts say, if someone unexpected shows up, david, you should always ask for credentials before opening the door. >> call the help for the house, don't let them just show up. mara, thank you.
5:49 pm
and when we come back here, the mystery over america tonight. look at this. so many states, more than 150 reports. so, what is that in the sky right there? and then that close call for golf pro greg norman. a chain saw accident. and tonight here, we learn what he said to his wife right after. that's all coming up tonight right here. and here's what's coming up tomorrow night. tomorrow, david muir, across america, searching for that one thing that could create jobs and make you millions. it will have you asking, why didn't i think of that? so, will it be in your hometown? watch tomorrow only on abc's "world news tonight with david rrow only on abc's "world news tonight with david muir."
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5:53 pm
his sense of humor in tact, and he's on the mend, as i mentioned. and a mystery tonight. what looks like a fire ball over new jersey. so many states, in fact. if you saw it, you're not alone. more than 157 reports from as far south as virginia, north to new hampshire, west to ohio. experts believe it was a meteor, but they have not confirmed it tonight. when we come back here, out on the water with family and friends, the man suddenly adrift, 50 miles away, alone, bobbing in a life vest. you're going to see the rescue, right here. we serve our food panera ion real plates, places. with real silverware and real bowls. just like you would at home. and we have comfy seats you'd want to sit in and fireplaces you'd want to sit by. but a place is just a place... until people come in and turn it into... a home of their own. which they do, every single day. panera bread.
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finally, all alone in the ocean, bobbing with only a life vest. abc's david wright with the incredible rescue. >> reporter: as tropical storms now pound the gulf of mexico, watch this. grainy footage of a coast guard diver rappelling down to 37-year-old joey trevino of san antonio, texas. a fisherman adrift, more than 30 hours on the open water, after his boat got swamped in high waves. >> we drifted almost 50 miles, well, i did, but i saw ships, so, i swam to the ships. >> reporter: we can hear your voice is hoarse. it must be because you were calling out so much. >> reporter: i was screaming and
5:58 pm
yelling for somebody to call the coast guard. >> reporter: he had drifted miles from his uncle and two friends who were also in the water. the crew of this oil tanker finally spotting him and alerting the coast guard. >> when i got into the helicopter, i asked them if they found my uncle and right away, they responded "yes." >> reporter: today, joey trevino is grateful. your prayers were answered. >> my prayers were answered, yes. >> reporter: all four of you alive. >> yes. yes. we have so much to be thankful for. >> reporter: a fisherman, lucky to be alive. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> my voice would be hoarse, too. i hope to see you right back tonight, california fire season kicks into high gear, details of a dramatic fire rescue. >> a labor dispute threatens to disrupt your commute. we're live as workers issue a new strike ultimatum. >> a major shake up tonight four
5:59 pm
years after the san bruno explosion. has the utility regulator been too cozy with pg&e? >> tonight how your response to our story is giving these horses a second chance. >> it's a fire spreading rapidly tonight. threatening homes as it burns through brush and trees three strike teams left to help fight that fire. take a look at this map. it shows 11 major wildfires right now. cal fire has 6,000 people on the fi lines. the most urgent fire may be this one near pollock pines east of sacramento we begin our coverage tonight in
6:00 pm
the national forest with firefighters had a close call today. laura? >> that was a close call, a rescue after the fire burned over an inmate crew with the captain and a dozer operator. a lot of folks are watching this fire. it's officially 3900 acres, we expect that number to go up considerably. late today with flames moving closer, firefighters launched an air attack. residents looked on. despite efforts, firefighters from the air and ground, it has grown considerably and burned close to dozens of


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